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Quality From Farm to Table.

Since our inception, quality has always been our top priority. Our selection represents our high standards and our diligent work to maintain them. In addition to taste, assuring quality means carefully monitoring food safety. Our company has led the industry in this area for many years. Without compromising safety or quality, we will still deliver the best value on our many ingredients 

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A proud history and a strong future.

We have been supplying quality ingredients to the bakery, dairy, confectionary, cereal, and snack food industries for over 40 years.

Red River Foods

Like all that grows in nature, our company started from a seed, specifically, a sunflower seed. Planted in the fertile Red River Valley of North Dakota in the 1970s, this seed grew into a multi-product food enterprise. With a strong emphasis on cashews, we secured a place in the world snack food market by the mid-1990s, and continue to outgrow our roots. By consistently expanding our product line, we thrive as a leading U.S. importer and can always create new opportunities for our customers.

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